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At Safe Seal Auto Glass our Number 1 Value is our commitment to customer care and ensuring the safety of our clients and employees. We have seen it all and can acknowledge that a bad glass repair can have terrible consequences. That is why all our technicians are required to be SIKA certified, always use appropriate safety attire (steel toe boots, reflective vests, hard hats, etc.), and always have first-aid on hand. Safety is why we go above and beyond in repairing your car glass perfectly the first time. We are insurance approved, we provide a 100% Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship, and we provide an additional 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty on the parts for our clients.


Safe Seal Auto Glass is committed to using only industry-leading products and materials for our repairs. The industry standard our competitors use is a Urethane-Primer mix that has on average a maximum 700psi threshold. Safe Seal Auto Glass uses a more tedious but more effective two-step method of priming first and then adding our highest-quality urethane which has an average maximum threshold of 1400psi. There is nothing worse than when a windshield fails to do its only job which is staying in place. We know you want the best so that's what we will always seek to provide.


Safe Seal Auto Glass provides a free same-day mobile service to your home or place of work. We pride ourselves on our dedication to efficiency and making our service a simple process for our clients. Yes, it is true that we take the extra steps to ensure safety and quality for our customers such as; removing the Cowling on the vehicle to prevent any scratches on the frame which can later rust, using a 2-step primer, and then Urethane method to ensure a stronger and safer bond, we clean your vehicle where we worked as best we can and much more. With all these extra steps you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see how our 10+ years of experience make our processes so efficient that it does not take us any more time than our competitors to finish your glass repair. Rest easy knowing we'll be there quickly and that we'll finish even quicker. 


Safe Seal Auto Glass prides itself on its reputation for providing high-quality accident repairs and refinishing on all makes and models of vehicles. Over the years our trusted clients have all trusted the Safe Seal Auto Glass way. This means that we deal with a lot of materials that are available for recycling and as a company, we must do our part. Every piece of waste that can be recycled adds up and we apply this mentality in all aspects for our eco-friendly initiatives. Safe Seal Auto Glass is continuously trying to find new and impactful ways to make the Earth greener, if you have any green initiatives you would like to see if we can participate in please feel free to reach out to us at we'd love to hear from you!


Our Values

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